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mobile application development

  • Only the best experts will work on your application
  • We refund money if we don't do the work to the TOR in time.
  • We create a TOR for free

What are we doing

Who benefits from our services

We develop applications of any complexity. They are understandable to users and work in full mode from the first day of launch.

Applications for a working business

Helps to attract new customers and increase the loyalty of existing ones

Reduces the cost of customer service, because some of the business activities take place in the application

Improves the service due to the lack of a human factor and automates work

For startups

Help you to find investors for your application or people who want to buy it

The application is ready for high loads during scaling right after its launch

Makes a project style from scratch in a short time and with a limited budget

Project options

We make 3 versions of the application

Template project

Creating projects from the templates that we’ve used before to make the development cheaper. The application will have the necessary set of functions so you get the feedback from the users and understand whether it is worth further investment in development.

Implementation period - up to 3 months

to 2 800 $

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Full version

A complete project starting from the analysis to the issuance of all project documentation. You will receive information on the application itself, the code, and the analysis that we have performed. The application will be functioning fully and have a great interface. Plus, a separate part that describes the complete designer’s work.

Implementation period — up to 6 months

from 14 200 $

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MVP version

The minimal version of the product where functionality, design, navigation, and usability can be tested to show investors.

Implementation period — up to 3 months

to 14 200 $

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Our projects

Our work

We’ve completed 30+ projects for various businesses: online schools, audiobooks app, clothing stores, design studio aggregators, and so on. We will take on a task of any complexity and find a suitable solution.

Why us?

6 reasons to choose our team


We precisely comply with the requirements and meet the deadlines. In other cases, we refund the money. Also you can check our work online at any stage.


We always analyze business, goals, work specifics, etc. before starting ou work. So we can write the final concept at the initial stages.


If at the consultation stage we find that we can not bring the project to perfection, we immediately abandon it, so that you do not waste time and money.


We explain the technical nuances, so you understand what and why we are doing. We don’t just give you results but involve you in the whole development process.


You do not pay for the TOR and consultation. You can contact other specialists with our TOR.


We always sign a contract, where we set the terms, requirements, cost, and the final result.

App development stages

How does the development go?

Let's discuss your project,
answer the questions, and debunk the myths.

Our clients

They trust us

People say about us


What people usually ask us


Why can the app development cost differ significantly in different studios?

The price is highly dependent on the location of the developer. For example, in Moscow prices will be higher due to higher salaries, rental costs, and other factors. We are located in Azerbaijan, therefore we offer cheaper services due to lower costs. At the same time, the professionalism level of developers in Moscow and Baku is the same.

What to look for when choosing a developer?

Look at the portfolio first. This will help you understand the quality of the work. Then check the price and compare it to other developers.

What should I do so the developer understands my task easily and clearly?

Think over the part of the TOR before contacting the developer. And answer all questions in the brief so that the developer understands exactly what you want to get in the end.

Do you have a lifetime job warranty?

We provide a one-year warranty for our apps and make updates if needed.

Does the app require further support?

Is it. Even if it was ideally thought out and tested during the development. We have the technical support department. We will be able to quickly resolve problems that may arise when using the application.

Roadmap for success

This is our tried and true process that ensures we’re in alignment with the goals of each project. We don’t just make things pretty, we make them work while remaining on target.

Javid — CEO

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