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Android + iOS


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Your app probably has arond 2-3 key feature pages (excluding any static content, sign in etc)



Your app probably has arond 4-7 key feature pages (excluding any static content, sign in etc)



Your app probably has arond 8-12 key feature pages (excluding any static content, sign in etc)

What level of UI would you like?


Minimum Viable Product. Very raw, but functional.


Still quite simple but pleasing to the eye


Professional custom design, including animations and transitions

Users & Accounts

Email / Password Sign Up

Classic sign up with an email and password

Facebook Sign Up

Sign up and sign in with a Facebook account

Twitter Sign Up

Sign up and sign in with a Twtitter account

Google Sign Up

Sign up and sign in with a Google account

Linkedin Sign Up

Sign up and sign in with a Linkedin account

GitHub Sign Up

Sign up and sign in with a GitHub account

User Generated Content

Activity Feed

An activity feed would perhaps show what users have been doing recently

File Uploading

Users would be able to upload file content, eg images, PDF etc


Users would beable to manage and publish their profiles to other users within your app


Tags allow users to categorize information so that others can find relevant information

Ratings or reviews

Typical use case for ratings and reviews. Might be facility reviews or customer satisfaction ratings

Feed manipulation

Users would be able to change content on their device

Free text searching

Giving users ability to search their data in natural ways perhaps with a type-ahead style search box

Features of mobile devices

Application icon design

Developing a icon for the application for different device resolutions

Cloud Sync

Sharing data between different devices

Device sensors

Ability to use or record data from the device sensors

Barcodes or QR codes

Ability to scan and display barcodes or QR codes

Health data

Collecting and using data on user health and activity

Dates & Locations


Display and capture of data in a calendar format

Display of map data/geolocation

Showing a map with data points, eg venue locations, driver locations etc

Display of custom map markers/regions

Allowing the user to select amap area visually or custom icons for different location types


Selecting a start and finish date

Social & Engagement

Chat +

Allowing users within the app to send messages to other account users or group of users

Forums and commenting

Classic forum functionality for account users or simple commenting on information

Social Sharing

Ability to share pieces of information in a controlled way on social media accounts to drive engagement

Push notifications +

Online notifications

Billing and e-commerce


Ability to browse products and add them to a cart

In-app purchases

Ability to buy additional features in the app

Payment information collectio

Ability to receive details of credit cards and other payment methods

Subscription plans

You will be able to process regular payments from clients

Feedback & Analytics

Usage analytics

Find out where your users come from and how they use the app

Crash Reporting

You'll know if something goes wrong

Multilingual Support

Provide support for multiple languages for your app


Connect to one or more third party services

Perhaps data feed that you need to integrate with or a partner app

SMS notifications

Allows your app to send SMS messages


Two Factor Authentication

More common for financial or highly sensitive information based apps, this requires your supplies additional information above a simple password


Implementation period: 0 days

Price: 0

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